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About our meat

You can buy the same goods in our e-shop as in the butcher shop Naše masoCzech beef of the breed Čestr, pork from Přeštice pigs, sausages produced from our own meat made following traditional methods and a further assortment from our Ambiente restaurants.

All the meat comes from Czech farms. We know our suppliers personally , we supervise the slaughter of the animals ourselves, we also portion the meat and leave it to age. Our beef is, due to the fodder, marbled with fat and well suited for aging. We have it on offer at different stages of maturity. 

Our sausages are manufactured in-house from our own meat according to traditional recipes. We do not use unnecessary additives.

The čestr beef is aged for varying lengths of time and the Přestice pork is matured.

Dry ageing - suitable for only some cuts. We age whole quarters, chine with bones and high ribs with bones. The meat is left to mature in a dry manner for between 40-60 days, hanging or lying on grates, not packed in any way. We only use the parts with a sufficient covering of fat. The surface fat insulates the meat and makes it almost sterile.

Wet ageing in vacuum - steak (premium) parts are vacuumed and left to mature at a constant low temperature for 14-30 days. The maturing time differs for each part of the meat.

Maturing - after hanging for several days on hooks in whole quarters, the meat is cut, vacuum packed and left at a constant low temperature for 7-14 days.