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Terms and conditions

1. Making a purchase

The customer chooses the desired goods from the offer of EMAMASO company. The current offer is available at www.ereznictvi.cz under the "E-shop" tab. Clicking on the goods will insert the selected goods in the shopping basket. The customer needs to state the number of units he or she is ordering.

Then the customer fills in the form, depending on whether S/he is making the purchase without registration or whether S/he has already created a customer account. The mode of transport needs to be selected. The final price of the order stated in the order form is an estimate for reference only. It will be specified according to the exact weight of the goods at the time of packing and dispatching and sent electronically along with the final invoice for the goods.

2. Ordering the goods

The goods may be ordered only in the following ways:

  • Via the E-shop Order Form

All orders made through the Order Form are deemed binding.

EMAMASO confirms your order via e-mail on the next operating day (Monday till Saturday) at the latest. Orders received through the E-shop by 8 pm will be taken care of by the next operating day.

In the event the goods are out of stock, EMAMASO immediately contacts the customer via phone or e-mail to offer an alternative choice.

The sales agreement is concluded at the moment the goods are ready for dispatch and the invoice is issued and sent.

Electronic orders

To purchase goods through the E-shop, the customer needs to register and create a customer account. An electronic order is valid only if all required details are provided in the relevant form.

By placing an order and providing the required details, the customer confirms his or her consent to the Commercial Terms of the www.ereznictvi.cz E-shop.

Availability of the goods presented on www.ereznictvi.cz depends on the stock level and is not guaranteed by EMAMASO.

3. Price of the goods

Prices of the goods are always stated including VAT and are valid at the moment the order is placed.

The final price will be given to the purchaser upon receipt of goods at the time of delivery. The final price may vary from the order price by up to 10 %.

The price of the goods does not include carriage. The amount of carriage depends on the mode of goods delivery.

The goods are packed by kilograms, pieces, litres or in 100 G packages as stated. The final price always represents the actual weight delivered. A weight variation is indicated in case of certain goods since the meat is carved manually. The customer acknowledges this fact.

Prices of the goods are always stated per 1 kg, 1 piece or 1 liter including VAT and are valid at the moment the order is placed.

The Ambiente restaurant´s gift voucher can not be used to pay for goods or to credit payment to the Ambiente Card as part of the Programme for Friends of Good Food.

4. Delivery and payment of goods

Goods may be picked up in person at the Butcher´s shop in the passage at Dlouhá St. during opening hours. It is also possible to order delivery of the goods and specify the delivery time. The amount of carriage is fixed and stated in the order form in CZK, as per the chosen mode of delivery and the destination.

The purchaser pays for the goods along with the carriage in cash upon acceptance of the goods or by credit card on the spot at the Butcher´s shop in the passage.

The goods delivery time is arranged during order acknowledgement.

Deliveries of the goods are performed on operating days by a courier service, within two time intervals: 12:00–16:00 or 16:00–20:00.

Whilst EMAMASO does its best to make deliveries within the times required, the company bears no liability for a failure to deliver in time where this is due to facts that EMAMASO, with regard to all circumstances, could not influence without spending unreasonable costs.

Only a person over 18 years of age may be authorised to receive the goods at the place of delivery.

5. Order cancellation

Both the customer and the seller may cancel an order without stating the reason until the moment the goods are released from the warehouse, i.e. the customer receives an e-mail invoice along with the information that the goods are ready for dispatch.

The liability for all and any transactions performed using the customer's account as well as liability for the accuracy of the information provided in the form rests fully with the customer. EMAMASO is not liable for any damage incurred by the customer as a result of a disclosure or misuse of his or her access password.

6. Returns policy

Goods may be returned pursuant to applicable legislation:

  • If you have a complaint, please contact us immediately via phone or e-mail, describing the defect in the goods.

  • If a defect is found in the goods upon receipt, the customer has the right to refuse acceptance of the goods.

  • We deal with complaints immediately and exclusively by substituting the defective goods.

7. Warranty terms and conditions

All our goods are covered by warranty until the use-by date indicated on the packaging, provided that storage requirements have been complied with. Once open, use the goods within 24 hours at the latest.

The required storage temperature is from +1 to +4°C. All information is provided on the label marking the goods.

8. Personal data protection

The treatment of personal information of the purchaser is governed by Act no. 101/2000 Sb. on personal data protection. By submitting an order, the customer grants his or her consent to EMAMASO to process, collect and store personal data provided by the customer for the purposes of the purchase and the sale of the goods. Personal data is used to process the order and in the marketing activities of EMAMASO.

9. Final provisions

By submitting an electronic order, the purchaser accepts without reservation the provisions of the Commercial Terms including the returns policy as valid on the date the order is submitted as well as the valid price of the ordered goods including carriage or packing charges. The purchaser is irrevocably bound by a submitted order for the period of time reserved for the acknowledgement of the order by the seller.

10. Basic information

EMAMASO, s.r.o.
Maiselova 38/15
110 00 Praha 1 - Josefov

Company VAT: CZ0195101

Email: ereznictvi@ambi.cz
Tel. 222 311 378

Registered in the Commercial Register administered by the Metropolitan Court in Prague, Section C, File no. 212322.