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Our Steak Tartare

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A 200- gram serving of seasoned meat, for immediate consumption. The packaging contains two pieces of bread for the fried bread and clove of garlic.

Show allergens
Cereals containing gluten (1a. wheat, 1b. barley, 1c. rye, 1d. oats, 1e. spelt, 1f. Khorasan wheat or hybrid wheat varieties and products thereof)
Eggs (and products thereof)
Mustard (and products thereof)
Please note that, in addition to the above-mentioned allergens, all meals and drinks may contain traces of other allergens.
Consume immediately.
A 200g PACKAGING of seasoned meat, bread, garlic.
169 Kč / PACK
MG-8175-x.jpg MG-8176-x.jpg

Naše Maso

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What are our plans over the holidays?

On the 5th and 6th of July we will not be taking orders, but we will attend to them immediately on Friday 7/7. Thanks for your understanding!

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